Creativity and originality, simple practicality are the characteristics you can find in RE.DO colection. Each piece is entirely handmade-reused from 100% waste materials. All this characteristic make every piece unique. Our aim is to RE.DO timeless product. Any possible small imperfection shows that RE.DO colections are really handcrafted, expression of value and artistic quality of sustainable design.
Lifetime warranty on stitched parts.
Over the past decade Petra Doljak has lived passionately the idea of reuse. She actively operated under the project 100% RE-AKCIJA
(100% RE-ACTION) where all sorts of reused and redesigned old couches, chairs, bags and other stuff can be found. »We could reuse everything …. and we could still find something more!« is her motto.
She is also co-founder of brand name NOWAst3.
Unique new products made from reclaimed materials with a NOWA story and spreads awareness of the importance of reducing the amount of waste produced in our consumer society.
Our world is a world where we must practice the art of making things like new again, make everyday decisions that are kinder to the Earth, and ensure that our solutions are sustainable or oriented on producing no waste. Because if we don’t humanity will not survive.

email: redo.petra@gmail.comKVADRAT KROG