BBB (borške, bela, bež blue, belt, bicycle…),… Upcycling √ Build a better world √ Zero waste √ Have you heard of Upcycling? The principle is simple, look at things you’re going to throw away (or recycle) and try to turn them reuse into something else that would be useful. It’s even greener than recycling because…

Berlin WORK SHOP for everyone

WORKSHOP “click on” The recipe is simple: Gather people willing to share ideas and collaborate. We help inspire, educate and entertain! Join us to get creative, have fun and make a start on your D.I.Y. project today. If you love being unique and use your hands and imagination, while respecting our planet, your closet is…

Re-akcija Spackista in a colorful day

Special order for Jelen family, two old school cheers, a lot of patience to collect such a colorful pieces of textiles and a little help of mine… So similar but so different!

Skupaj zmoremo več, čeprav brez sedeža,…

Hvala, хвала, grazie, thanks, danke, muchas gracias, köszönöm, kiitos,… for visiting my blogić… Akcija Očistimo Slovenijo 2012 je za nami,… vmes so padle kreativne ideje in tu je rezultat,… Hvala Tinki so dišeče boršetke dobile vesele pupke! Re-akcija jahuuu goal, tudi to je del osveščanja in del čistilne akcije!

Tipičen furlanski stol v Re-Akciji

Tipičen furlanski sto iz skandinavskega bora- masiven les v edinstveni preobleki,… plod sodelovanja je prinesel VIP stole,… Stol z zgodbo.