RE.DO reuse

T-shirt. They lose color, they get stains, they just don’t fit as they use to. And we found so many lying in closet of our friends and family! All washed and sliced they are ready to be transformed. We did’t hide the seams – they are there as a reminder.

You are always on my mind. Chunky looking hats from old T-shirt are the best item to sparkle your outfit. They can be worn day and night, in winter and summer, they can be break-dance or freestyle equipment, or you can just pop out from the crowd. Color your day, wear a hat! This hat is super fresh, comfortable and stylish.
It is perfect for guys and girls of every age and specially indicated for those who move: dance and sports will benefit from it. In the summer keeps cold and in winter hot head.
Because of the elasticity it is suitable for small and large heads.

RE.DO slippers are something old with something new. Old knowledge with new material.
Unique colorful hand crocheted slippers are made from recycled cotton scraps.
They are made like traditional slippers but with contemporary materials, recycled cotton and they are more colorful and the most important washable. If the slipper loose its shape or they get dirty just wash it in at 40 °C and they will be like new again and again.

100% recycled cotton

Design: RE.DO  hand made in Adriatic


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